Stina x MDR wissen | Science vs. Fiction

Hej friends! I had the great opportunity to collaborate with Jack Pop and the German YouTube channel of MDR wissen! Fitting to the upcoming halloween celebrations we are looking at the way the zombie brain works. Don't forget to subscribe to their channel. Schlurfen, stöhnen, Menschen fressen: Seit Jahrzehnten beißen sich Zombies durch Filme, … Continue reading Stina x MDR wissen | Science vs. Fiction

Starting a PhD in Sweden During a Global Pandemic

More than four months have passed since the first case of COVID-19 had reached Sweden. Also, more than four months have passed since I started my PhD in Sweden. Three months have passed since the COVID-19 outbreak was declared a global pandemic. How did the pandemic impact my PhD in a country that is viewed as following a complete different strategy than other countries? A country, that faced many deaths and is still facing many new cases in relation to its inhabitants? Let me tell you about my experience during the last months.

How Does our Brain Know When to Eat and When to Stop?

The regulation of food intake is a complex concert of signals from different parts of our body, working together with our biological clock, and of course, our brain. Those signals (or messages) indicate for example whether our stomach is full or empty, if we have energy incoming, or how much energy we have stored in our fat cells. Eating also needs to be pleasurable. But who is coordinating all these different signals?