How Does our Brain Know When to Eat and When to Stop?

The regulation of food intake is a complex concert of signals from different parts of our body, working together with our biological clock, and of course, our brain. Those signals (or messages) indicate for example whether our stomach is full or empty, if we have energy incoming, or how much energy we have stored in our fat cells. Eating also needs to be pleasurable. But who is coordinating all these different signals?

Obesity: An Overview

‘You just need to burn more calories than you consume’, or ‘Just eat less and move more’, are sentences that probably almost every obese person can recall hearing at least once in their lifetime. Since these recommendations sound very straightforward, it should be easy to realize them. Yet, we are witnessing a worldwide increase in the prevalence of obesity, and it is becoming a major global health concern. Learn more about the prevalence, causes, and complications of obesity in this post!

8 Common Mistakes Applicants Make When Writing a Motivation Letter for University

You just finished school, your bachelor's - or master's degree and want to apply to a study program and you need to include a motivation letter? I have written a few of these myself, but most importantly, I was part of the admission committee of our master's program and read and graded a lot of these letters for two years in a row. I noticed some mistakes that applicants commonly made and decided to share them with you here to help you avoid making them.

Why I Decided to Study the Neuroscience of Eating Behavior* – My Eating Disorder Story

TRIGGER WARNING: THIS POST WILL SPEAK ABOUT DISORDERED EATING BEHAVIOR AND COULD POTENTIALLY BE TRIGGERING. PLEASE ONLY CONSIDER READING FURTHER IF YOU FEEL STABLE ENOUGH.*and comorbidities I'm generally very interested in EVERYTHING that has to do with the brain. I love to do pre-clinical research. I am highly interested in the neuroscience of eating behavior, … Continue reading Why I Decided to Study the Neuroscience of Eating Behavior* – My Eating Disorder Story