8 Common Mistakes Applicants Make When Writing a Motivation Letter for University

You just finished school, your bachelor's - or master's degree and want to apply to a study program and you need to include a motivation letter? I have written a few of these myself, but most importantly, I was part of the admission committee of our master's program and read and graded a lot of these letters for two years in a row. I noticed some mistakes that applicants commonly made and decided to share them with you here to help you avoid making them.

Mechanical Waves in the Brain – A Steam Punk Fantasy?

*this article may contain unpaid advertisement, because brand-labels are being mentioned It has been known and investigated for more than fifty years, that the signals in the brain are transmitted by electrical action potentials. However, according to physicist Thomas Heimburg, this theory is completely wrong. In his opinion, the signal transmission is solely a mechanical … Continue reading Mechanical Waves in the Brain – A Steam Punk Fantasy?