How Does our Brain Know When to Eat and When to Stop?

The regulation of food intake is a complex concert of signals from different parts of our body, working together with our biological clock, and of course, our brain. Those signals (or messages) indicate for example whether our stomach is full or empty, if we have energy incoming, or how much energy we have stored in our fat cells. Eating also needs to be pleasurable. But who is coordinating all these different signals?

Does the Coronavirus Affect the Brain?

Quick disclaimer: Take all information about COVID-19 cautiously. A lot of studies are case reports, preprints, and/or not peer-reviewed. That does not mean the information in these papers is wrong, but they could just depict an exemption or be presumptive to begin with. Now that we got that sorted: Does the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) affect the … Continue reading Does the Coronavirus Affect the Brain?

Mechanical Waves in the Brain – A Steam Punk Fantasy?

*this article may contain unpaid advertisement, because brand-labels are being mentioned It has been known and investigated for more than fifty years, that the signals in the brain are transmitted by electrical action potentials. However, according to physicist Thomas Heimburg, this theory is completely wrong. In his opinion, the signal transmission is solely a mechanical … Continue reading Mechanical Waves in the Brain – A Steam Punk Fantasy?