8 Common Mistakes Applicants Make When Writing a Motivation Letter for University

You just finished school, your bachelor's - or master's degree and want to apply to a study program and you need to include a motivation letter? I have written a few of these myself, but most importantly, I was part of the admission committee of our master's program and read and graded a lot of these letters for two years in a row. I noticed some mistakes that applicants commonly made and decided to share them with you here to help you avoid making them.

Why I Decided to Study the Neuroscience of Eating Behavior* – My Eating Disorder Story

TRIGGER WARNING: THIS POST WILL SPEAK ABOUT DISORDERED EATING BEHAVIOR AND COULD POTENTIALLY BE TRIGGERING. PLEASE ONLY CONSIDER READING FURTHER IF YOU FEEL STABLE ENOUGH.*and comorbidities I'm generally very interested in EVERYTHING that has to do with the brain. I love to do pre-clinical research. I am highly interested in the neuroscience of eating behavior, … Continue reading Why I Decided to Study the Neuroscience of Eating Behavior* – My Eating Disorder Story

How to Tackle Your Bachelor’s or Master’s Thesis in Science* Without Losing Your Mind

First of all, congrats! You made it! You are currently taking your first step into independent research. The only thing that is still separating you from your degree is your bachelor's or master's thesis work (and maybe some assignments and the last exam). You already heard from other people that stressful times are coming ahead and you are worried that everything will go wrong? It will not! That's why I put together some tips for you, to help you not loose your mind during the process. I was lost in the beginning, too, and as a I thought I would never be able to find through the jungle and graduate. But here I am, holding a bachelor's and master's degree and currently starting the most scary one so far: the PhD.